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A story of how Pure Bliss began….

Enjoying time with our son as we worked on a science and history fair project is how the idea of making all natural soap was born.  We journeyed through history from Aleppo to the pioneers of America. We learned the process of making soap from an old farmer. We rendered the fats (a very stinky process), hand mixed the lye solution and the oils together, mixed in herbs and finally poured into all sorts of containers.  It was such a fun process that I continued to make soap as a hobby and for gifts.


One day one of our very affluent friends came over for a visit and washed her hands with our soap. She kept raving on how great it was and where did we purchase such a soap? Embarrassed to tell her that it was homemade by me, I avoided her question and changed the subject.  After several hours of chatting and enjoying our children play she finally stopped me and looked at me and said ”Jenn where did you get that soap?” Blushing, I said, “Well I made it.” She demanded that she be able to purchase some from me that day. She kept telling me that I should go into business. After a few months of deliberation it was settled. We were creating a family business making and selling soap!


Since then we have refined our process by creating vegan and vegetarian recipes for our soap. We use the cold process method of soap making, this process allows all of the natural ingredients to stay intact while transforming the lye into glycerin. This produces a skin loving bar of soap. The soap is made in small batches by hand with love.  We use essential oils and a couple of high quality fragrance oils that are phthalate free. We use herbs and clays and micas to color our soaps.  We allow our soap to cure 4-6 weeks for the full skin loving therapeutic benefits.


If you have a favorite scent you’d like to see created or would like a custom blend made please email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pamper yourself by allowing your skin to look and feel amazing, the way nature intended!


Thank you,

Jennifer Gammel