Lavender Hand & Body Salve

Environmental Salve

We all know how painful and uncomfortable we can get while outdoors and that pesky heat rash kicks in.  Or when we happen to find ourselves knee deep in that poison ivy patch.  Itchy bug bites, or any number of skin irritations.  We are proud to offer Pure Bliss' Environmental Salve.  This is a natural herbal salve that works quickly and effectively.  Packed with several natural botanical herbs, and infused with the healing power of colloidal silver.  Comes in a 2oz screw cap tin.

Directions: Apply environmental salve sparingly to effected skin and gently rub in. On scalp – rub in, comb gently to loosen and remove dried skin/cradle cap. Apply as often as required.


 Ingredients:  Almond oil, beeswax,  violet leaf, calendula, chamomile, yarro, clover, plantain, jewelweed, chickweed, essential oils, vitamin E, colloidal silver.

 2 ounce tin




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